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Ucides cordatus in Guanabara Bay - Rio de Janeiro - Brazil

16:49 Jun 16 2014 Rio de Janeiro

To update the knowledge about Ucides cordatus in young and adult stages in the mangrove regions of the eastern portion of the Guanabara Bay, Guardiões do Mar Institute developed the Projec called Caranguejo Uçá "Ucides cordatus Project" sponsored by Petrobras, through Petrobras Environmental Program. We are monitoring the population of this crustacean in an area of approximately 15 000 m² of this ecosystem, following the space-time (frequency and density) distribution, population structure (size distribution, sex ratio and recruitment), reproductive parameters (period and fecundity) of populations. Monitoring is bimonthly that first year.
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SPECIES (Identify the species to the best of your ability): Crab Ucides cordatus
SCIENTIFIC NAME (Example - Red Mangrove=Rhizophora mangle): Ucides cordatus = Caranguejo Uçá
HABITAT (Describe the environment where you located the species): Mangroves from Guanabara Bay

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Ucides cordatus in Guanabara Bay - Rio de Janeiro - Brazil

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