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Mangrove mapping

18:37 Apr 22 2014 Santa Cruz, Province Guanacaste, Costa Rica, Reserva Conchal Beach

Mangrove mapping Mangrove mapping
Tree around 2 meters tall, with long, thick roots. Located on the shore, really close to the ocean. Looks dry, doesn't have leafes( probably because of dry season aspect).
Additional Data
SPECIES (Identify the species to the best of your ability): red mongrove
SCIENTIFIC NAME (Example - Red Mangrove=Rhizophora mangle): rhizophora mangle
DESCRIPTION (Describe what you see): tree; dark colour; no leafes; poor water sourse(s);
SIZE - (Measure in metrics): 1,5-2
COLOR: real dark brown, a little red colour
HABITAT (Describe the environment where you located the species): sand beach close to the water resourse, ocean water.
Air Temperature(Record in Celsius): 34-35

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Mangrove mapping

18:37 Apr 22, 2014

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